QR Creativity from the GPB ‘Passion for Learning’ Blog

Georgia Public Broadcasting has a fantastic blog called ‘Passion For Learning’– I was a guest blogger last week. Click here to check out my post about QR codes!

A teacher at my school read my post on Saturday and by Monday afternoon she had used QR codes in an interactive classroom display.  Students wrote ‘Geometry Riddles’ and embedded the answers into QR codes.  Wow!  This display photo is courtesy of Alison Eber, 4th grade teacher at The 4/5 Academy at Fifth Avenue in Decatur, Georgia.  Mrs. Eber’s class is also piloting ipads and this display was well received by the students who are ipad experts!

Sandi Dennis, Media and Instructional Technology Specialist, The 4/5 Academy at Fifth Avenue in The City Schools of Decatur, GA


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