Leap Year, Leap Here — Let’s Leap Together!

Me Jumping
Image Source: Flickr.com Shareski

I think, no, I KNOW, it was a Dean Shareski image — the leaping family taken around the world. I can remember at the time how awesome that was and what a wonderful memory those photographs were going to be for his children when they grew up (and for Dean when he grew, uh…. ‘up’?, ‘older’?, ‘into a professional golfer’?). So when I ran across the post on the Flickr blog I knew I had to let him know about it. Well, one thought led to another, and I was thinking, why can’t the DEN community contribute to the pool as well?  (In fact, if you were at DEN SI in San Diego last summer, there was one group whose group shot was leaping off the patio divider!)

The Flickr post asks that you tag your image with #FlickrLeap2012.

I ask that you tag your image(s) with #DENLeap2012 as well.

Leap with your students, leap by yourself, leap with a fellow DENer!

And if you are so inclined, consider posting the link to your image below.


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