Do You Have What It Takes to Be A DEN Guru?

The DEN community is full of talent. Every STAR has his/her own special talents, skills, and passion for utilizing digital content across the curriculum. We want to continue to provide opportunities for STARs to share their knowledge with the community so we began the DEN Guru program.

DEN Gurus are STAR Discovery Educators who possess expertise in one or more pedagogical topics (e.g., Differentiated Instruction, Project Based Learning, etc.), have demonstrated their expertise through a variety of professional experiences, and advocate for the meaningful integration of Discovery Education digital content across their area(s) of expertise.

DEN Gurus will be promoted throughout the community as thought leaders in the educational field and have the opportunity to share their expertise in a variety of ways.

DEN Gurus will:

  • be featured as regular contributors to the Global DEN blog
  • present their own featured DEN webinar
  • represent the DEN at a major educational conference during the year (registration and travel expenses covered by the DEN) or choose a guaranteed spot at the DEN Summer Institute (travel expenses covered by the DEN)

How do I apply?

Through a competitive application process we will accept up to five DEN Gurus this year. Applicants must be STAR Discovery Educators and agree to fulfill all requirements associated with formal recognition as a DEN Guru.

All application materials must be submitted by March 19, 2012 (5 PM ET).

Some of the requirements include:

  • Expertise Artifact Link- Share a link to an artifact that demonstrate your expertise. This might be:
    • PowerPoint/Keynote/Slideshare presentation
    • Handout(s)
    • Website
    • Blog
    • Wiki
    • Webquest
    • Articles in which you have been featured/published
  • Presentation Experience- What sessions have you presented? To whom?
  • Proposed Session Information- During the week of April 23-25, 2012 finalists will be asked to present their sessions via webinar. On the application you’ll need to provide a proposed topic and description making sure the connection to Discovery Education products and/or services is evident.


Application window opens – February 17, 2012
Application deadline – March 19, 2012 (5 PM ET)
Finalists Announced – April 2, 2012
DEN Guru Finalist Presentations – April 23-25, 2012
DEN Gurus Announced – May 17, 2012 (DENny Awards)


If you have any questions about the DEN Gurus program please refer to the DEN Guru FAQ document and/or contact Porter Palmer at


Here’s the link to the application.


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  1. Lea Anne Daughrity said:

    A Den Guru is someone who is extremely knowledgable on a given subject and is willing to speak on behalf of discovery on how to do that “specialty” while including Discovery education materials into the mix. So if your specialty is web a web 2.0 tool like Google earth, then how do you use that while including discovery content into it?

    I hope that helps.

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