Cathy Houchin Shining WI DEN STAR


Cathy Houchin has been integrating DE Resources and tools for the last 7 years,serving on the leadership council for the last 6 years. Cathy is an experienced music teacher, having taught grades K-12, choir, music and band.  She currently teaches K-5 Music in the Watertown School District, inspiring young learners to express themselves through 21st C web tools and resources.  When asked about the advantages of DE Resources Cathy replied, “My Students and I just entered the Lodge McCammon video contest with my 4th graders. They absolutely loved creating and performing for the video. It really brought out creativity in the classroom.”

Cathy takes advantage of DE resources and uses them with her students through interactive white board discussions and paper-slide videos. Cathy has always learned so much from her DEN PLN, and embraces opportunities to network at state live events, national webinars and DEN summer institute immersion. Cathy was empowered to take 21st C learning risks through her 2010 DENSI experience and expended professional support community.

When teachers are first introduced to the wide range of quality resources that Discovery Education offers, they can be overwhelmed and intimidated. Cathy offers this advice for new DEN teachers: “Don’t be afraid to try to integrate technology with your classroom subject. It won’t always work, but don’t let that bother you. When it works, the students will flourish. They will make great gains.”

Cathy is excited to be chosen as a DENSI 2012 participant, ready to stretch her teaching to the next level. Cathy expressed, “The knowledge I have gained from fellow DEN members far exceeds anything I could have imagined. I have learned so many teaching tips and ideas. I love the sharing and friendships that I have made in the DEN.”

Congratulations  Cathy! We are so glad you can enjoy the wonders of DENSI this year!


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