What’s your favourite use of Discovery Education?

I was fortunate to attend the Day of Discovery in Santa Ana in Southern California this Saturday where Lindsay Hopkins did an outstanding job of hosting and organizing.

This was an especially big task as it included almost 400 participants and involved a number of other partners with Discovery. But in the end, Lindsay nailed. it.

On March 21st, Halifax Regional School District will be the host for the first Day of Discovery in Canada in 2012. As the Community Manager for Canada, I’ll sort of be the unofficial host. I know with the type of people organizing it and supporting this, it can’t help but be a great day. We’ll be ending the day with a smackdown around the best uses of Discovery Education. Here’s where you can help me. I’d like to know what is your favourite use of Discovery Education? Given the awesomeness of this community, I know you’ll have some great ideas. I’m going to take as many of your ideas as I can and incorporate it into that smackdown. I’ll be sure to give you credit in front of the Halifax group. It will not only demonstrate the innovative ways to use Discovery but at the same time, model the power of the community.

So, with that, watcha got? (please include any links if you have them)

PS. Any ideas I use, I’ll send you some great Canadian DEN schwag.



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  1. Ann K said:

    I was there too! This was only my second Day of Discovery event and like last year I walked away with such excitement. I’m ready to share the new and AMAZING ideas I gained from this event with my colleagues and to begin integrating these new things into my teaching. This year I participated in a session called “Let’s Get Physical…with Investigations…” and I can’t wait to have my 1st grade students begin to conduct the simple science investigations while using all their SDAP math standards to collect data and analyze the results of their experiments. I know my students will be so excited to WRITE about these investigations and share what they have learned too. I use the Discovery Ed website for many areas of my teaching…but this Day of Discovery got me super excited for the new Discovery Education Science Techbook! I can’t wait to tell everyone at my school how COOL this new techbook is and I can’t wait to begin using it with my students. The techbook will be an awesome tool for all 21st century students! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this AWESOME EVENT…I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR!!!

  2. Jennifer Morrison said:

    Search for editable video, download, open in iMovie or MovieMaker and select the portion/s you want. Mute the sound and have your students record their own narration.

  3. Kathleen Burgess (kmb211) said:

    Using Assignment Manager to set up class and class assignments. Links and videos can be listed within the assignment students can have access to assignment at home and can notify teacher when everything is completed.

  4. Jennifer Wagner said:

    I wished I had known about this event — 🙂

    I think one area I don’t hear DEN talk about ENOUGH is the Discovery Atlas Interactive Map.

    It is much much MUCH more than just a map!!!


    • Patricia Fowler said:

      Jennifer – the Discovery Atlas Interactive Map was a BIG hit during my sessions. I try to show it often because there are so many ways that it can be used. Participants always give me new ways to use the Map that I can share with others.

  5. Kim Randall said:

    One of my many favorite ways to use DE is the image preview to zoom in on a section or corner of an image. Have students brainstorm what it could be, what they know, what they want to know, etc. Really powerful activity to get students engaged and build background knowledge, etc. Most teachers don’t realize they can do this in the DE site.

  6. Robin Talkowski said:

    On a personal level, I love the webinars! They are some of the best professional development around. Plus, since they are archived I can watch them whenever I want.

  7. Sarah Thompson said:

    My favourite use is seeing the students in the Student Centre. They enjoy creating their own stories to pictures (writing prompt builder tool), the students can browse the streaming catalogue, and they can favourite videos and pictures.

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