Mush! + MT Trek = Inspiring Journeys

Lead photo of 2010 start by Frank Kovalchek under CC License

"Challenge yourself and never give up!" Blynne Froke

Inspiration is like an unexpected gift; it meets and greets you in unsuspecting ways, energizing. So it was that I settled down with 2 romping kittens, a galumphing black Lab, and my laptop in the sun room (glorious with sun today) and morning coffee, off to troll the DEN blogs. The joys of retirement–working on my own clock to an inner bell schedule, or none at all. Lovely. Turning to the PA blog, I found Patti Ruffing‘s brilliant post, Mush!. Following the connections–the start of the Iditarod (3-3-12), her student who treked to Alaska, blogging her travels, Patti’s subsequent blogging about her student and educational resources–Discovery and others–was truly inspiring. The HUGE potential for a great Challenge-Based Learning experience and an invitation to participate (see the end of Patti’s post)–all before I even had a start on AM caffeine.

Jan's Facebook Profile PhotoThose circuitous connections, from mushing to trekking–a long introduction–brings me to the heart of this post–PA DEN STAR JAN ABERNETHY‘s travels from Harrisville PA to Bozeman MT for the DENSI 12, a sweetheart of a trek 1,881 miles on her horse “Sweetie.” Her Facebook photo captures her boundless spirit. You can follow Jan’s trek on her blog, DEN Summer Institute 2012, because now it’s official: Jan received her acceptance email to the Summer Institute. Good thing indeed. From her blog post Acceptance!!!!!, she states:


Woke up this morning, checked my email and read the DEN Weekly Update! Sweetie and I were ecstatic to get the news that we have been accepted into the Discovery Education National Summer Institute. Of course, we would have been there anyway, but I’m glad we don’t have to stand outside the gates looking in!

Why I wondered in my first post about Jan where she would corral Sweetie beats me, since she’s going to the ranch in the United States. So glad, however, it’s official. Acceptance is a wonderful thing. On her Facebook page, Jan asked if we had any special places we would like her to visit, photograph, and blog about on her journey to Bozeman, so If you have a suggestion for her, post it to her FB page. Or comment on this post and we’ll forward it to her. Promise.


Acceptance is a wonderful thing!!!!!

A bad weather week, but moving on!

Double Rainbow, Twice the Luck?


What has ALWAYS impressed me about the DEN community is its uniqueness; each and every member I’ve met–and I was in DEN from the ground floor up–has been a very special person indeed. Each carries an indelible gift, a talent, a sense of something in the air, close by, about to open into a very special inspiration!!!!!  Thank you, DEN, each and every one of you!

On their way to Chicago, IL - Is that Dembo Country?

Image Credits: Lead photo of 2010 start by Frank Kovalchek under CC License; Jan Abernethy’s DEN Summer Institute 2012 Blog. Inspiration image (without caption) under CC License.

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  1. Peg Hartwig said:

    What a FUN, CREATIVE, INSPIRING Post! Just had to say, thanks RJ, I have read it 3 times with my coffee this AM. Reminds me how DE streaming can take us anywhere!

    • RJ Stangherlin said:

      Thanks so much for commenting, Peg. Jan is such an inspiration, isn’t she. I love your connection to DE Streaming–it does take us everywhere.

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