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By Linda Rush

Using the $15 Reflection App on an Apple computer, it’s now possible to MIRROR the screen of an iPad2 or iPhone4S right on your screen.   AirPlay mirror your iPhone 4S or iPad 2 to any Mac running OS X 10.6+, wirelessly. This  makes your Apple computer function like an AppleTV for iOS mirroring, except you don’t need to purchase and install a $99 AppleTV with a HDMI cable. This is for teachers and anyone else needing to share an iPad screen with students over a projector. This is perfect for presenters! No need for a document camera.With the Reflection app, there is no software to install on the device since AirPlay is built in iOS devices and no Apple TV is required. 

Here are two blogs for more information: Learning in Hand and iGo With My iPad 

Click here for the youtube video  and vimeo video to tutorials.

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FAQ on reflectionapp website: 

1. Why does Reflection only work with iPad 2 and iPhone 4S?AirPlay mirroring requires the beefed up hardware of the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S to handle the mirroring. This an iOS 5 imposed limitation.

2. How do I mirror?Download Reflection and copy it to your Applications folder. After launching the app, double-tap the home button on your iPhone 4S or iPad 2 and swipe right on the multitask tray until you see the AirPlay icon next to the volume slider. Tap this and select your Mac from the list. Last, toggle the “Mirror” switch…voila!

3.Can I AirPlay the audio from my iPhone 4S or iPad 2?Absolutely! Reflection sends the screen and audio from your device to your Mac. You can also use your Mac as an AirPlay audio receiver (without any video)! 

Single License for $14.99  (or multi license 5 for $49.9

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  1. quality essay said:

    Once the Reflection app is installed and running, simply swiping the to right on the taskbar of the iOS device will show the AirPlay icon next to the volume slider. Tapping that lets users choose their Reflection-running Mac from the list.

  2. Business English Teacher said:

    Beautify you pictures with Reflection. Reflection is a simple to use application that is sure to be a useful tool for any graphics artist, developer or the average consumer.

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