The DEN hosted an event at the ICE Conference on Leap Day!  Approximately 100 educators received a little taste of the DEN.  The Minute to DEN It event was a great time, with plenty of networking, information sharing about the DEN, and fun times for all.  Attendees were given the challenge to complete 9 Minute to Win It type games to earn valuable DEN prizes.  A few of the challenges included  “This Blows,” “Noodling Around,” “Spare Me,” “Johnny Applestack,” and “Stick To It“.  Some of the challenges were a little easier than others, but the effort involved was fantastic.  The faces of the participants and the laughter heard around the room told much of the story.  A huge thanks goes out to the Illinois Leadership Council (Anne, Lori, Liz, Deb, & Tricia), along with LC members from North Carolina and Florida (Cheryl and Conni), for helping with setup, monitoring the prize table, and keeping an eye out for those needing assistance with the games.

Here’s a brief Animoto that was made with media from the event.

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  1. Lori Abrahams said:

    It was a great event! Thanks for planning it!

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