Goodbye Smartboards?

I am a terrible blogger, I admit, but when something comes around that WOWS! me, you can be sure I will share it! I just used the new app Reflection ( which mirrors your iPhone 4S or iPad 2 to any Mac running OS X 10.6+, wirelessly. Let me just that my kids LOVED it! I was able to use my existing projector and Mac, and display my classes Strip Design Projects on the whiteboard from their individual iPads. WHAT AN AWESOME TOOL! I had previously been trying to accomplish this through the use of my apple tv, which does not need the projector, but why not use what I already have in my classroom? Now students can present,explain, and collaborate about their work wirelessly. We were able to get 9 iPads on the screen simultaneously before it crashed, but figured that 2 side by side,to display math problems being solved in Show Me or Educreations, or a LA class tournament of Words with Friends, would be optimum. The introduction of this app truly puts education in the hands of the learner!


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  1. Peg Hartwig said:

    I so wish I had the ability to use an apple computer as this new App is sweeping through classrooms that have Apple… I think it sounds just amazing and would love to see a video of what your kids were able to do – 9 ipads displaying at once sounds like a record!!
    Despite the greatness of this app, I strongly believe using a variety technology tools and resources is what makes educating our kids as 21st C Learners. Every tool has a purpose and no matter how much I love integrating iPads and all the great apps that are out there, I will always have a need for my interactive white board too! together, kids all can learn better. Diversify technology as you diversify learning!

  2. carolyn daniels said:

    I agree! The more tools we have to offer our students, the more prepared they will be for the future, and the more fun I get to have learning from them!

  3. Rhonie Hammond said:

    With all of this fabulous NEW technology available, might someone have a SmartBoard and/or projector that is not being used? I teach at a small private school for children with various sorts of learning disabilities. We have no interactive technology available to us, but I know our students would thrive on it! Like you said, it would help prepare them for their futures, or at least bring them up to the present! PLEASE contact me if you have any or know of any interactive resources that could be made available to us. Thank you so much for being wonderful influences in children’s lives!!

    • Peg Hartwig said:

      There are many great grant opportunities as well as the online donors choose program. I highly recommend you apply for such support. There are many educators who also gain support by contacting your local clinic or hospital! They often upgrade their technology and donate quality used tech.

      • Peg Hartwig said:

        As the new iPad is released, you may find donations of iPad and ipad2s through donors choose!

  4. assignment writers said:

    Teachers have access to portable smart boards, which they share with each other,” Baliman said. “The nice thing with that is that teachers are able to learn how to use the SMART boards and then help each other learn.”

  5. English Improvement said:

    The SMART Board interactive display frame enables you to interact with your content using touch gestures. Tap and drag your finger to perform mouse functions such as zooming in, resizing images, rotating objects, horizontal and vertical scroll, page forward and backward, right-click and erase.

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