India and the Aakash ~ A Transformative Time in Indian Education

I have just returned from two weeks in India.

We had the good fortune to spend time in many sectors of modern India.  We visited a k – 12 school and talked with a the principal and the state commissioner of education.  They spoke of the fact that they would be providing every tenth grader with a laptop computer in the very near future at a cost of $35 per tablet.  That computer is the Aakash tablet.

As you can see from pictures I took of the school it is not a physical presence like that of American schools, yet by moving toward connecting students to the power of the world wide web they will have access to new and abundant learning opportunities.

In our visits with young Indian business and manufacturing leaders they explained that major efforts and capital are in place to make WiFi access available throughout the whole country of India over the next five years.  This will make it so the tablets will be able to access the internet outside of schools.

India’s current population is 1.2 billion people.  As the project unfolds to distribute Aakash tablets to students the opportunities for learning have just dramatically increase for students and citizen of India.




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