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This is a cactus.


I had the unique pleasure of being invited to attend a Day of Discovery in Scottsdale, AZ.  This is a new experience for the Tech Support team. I was amazed to see that the educators were real, live people and not just voices over a phone line.  I’m sure the amazement was returned when they didn’t see Deep Blue behind the newly unveiled Star Bar as they came to check in.
The Star Bar was staffed by a Technical Guru (yeah, right) that could answer just about any question posed to him.  The first stumper question that came in, however, was “Where is the coffee creamer?”  This was a perplexing dilemma since there was none to be found (the catering company drove off with it, oops!).  By far the most common question of the day…. “Where is the bathroom?”  The Guru nailed that answer every time (count it).
As the day wore on, the Star Bar became known as the place where teachers can get their long wondered technical questions answered.   They ranged from simple username lookups to more complex questions, such as will the site work on a Kindle Fire (not quite yet, but soon).
Doing live troubleshooting during the sessions, and battling the school’s locked down network, shined some light on the road blocks that prevent teachers from using DE. Don’t give up. Sometimes it is out of your control, but that doesn’t mean that there is nothing you can do.  Give our Tech Support team a call and we can determine if the issue is an easy setting change, or if the school network administrators need to make some changes. Discovery Ed is a resource that should be easy to access and easy to use. It pains me when educators call and say they have had problems for weeks, or even months, when a two minute phone call to us could have had them up and streaming in no time!
We are here to help, so be sure to use us. And expect to see the Star Bar popping up at other events in the future, so come say hi (no chess moves accepted).

– Beau Horner


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