Dr. Lodge Video Challenge extended!

A Message from Dr. Lodge…

Hello DEN Community!  A number of you have contacted me and mentioned your interest in the contest, but have found it difficult to participate due to the timing.  In fact, over 500 of you have visited my Friday Institute FIZZ site to watch and download the kinesthetic lectures!

Due to some technical difficulties and our desire to allow more of you to participate in the contest, we have decided to extend the contest – the deadline for submissions is now May 4.  This means that you now have almost two more months to create, perfect, and upload your video to the contest website.

If you have any questions, please check out my recently published overview video on Discovery Education’s YouTube channel.

Good luck!

Dr. Lodge McCammon

Eventbrite - Dr. Lodge McCammon's Music Video Contest Hosted by Discovery Education

What’s the Dr. Lodge Video Challenge?

Simply select one of Dr. Lodge McCammon’s pre-selected, standards-based songs, learn the corresponding moves from the kinesthetic lectures, film your music video in 1-take and publish it to the contest web site.  Nothing could be more fun, engaging and…educational.  Search the blogs for related posts, or go directly to the contest website.

What Could My Class Win? 

  • (1) Grand Prize: a school assembly with Lodge McCammon: Lodge will perform the song live while the winning class gets to act out their video and the performance will be streamed live to other classrooms around the country. (1) Flipcam and thirty (30) backpacks for the students in the Grand Prize winner’s classroom.
  • (10) Finalists: one (1) Flipcam, one (1) DEN polo shirt and thirty (30) backpacks for the students in the Second Prize winner’s classroom.


  • Register (it’s required to win)
  • No corporate logos on clothing
  • Review the rubric on the contest website
  • Videos must be one-take, no editing allowed
  • More questions? Check out the overview video on Discovery Education’s YouTube channel.

Updated Timeline

  • Now – 5/4: Classrooms create & upload videos
  • 5/4 – 5/8: Judging & uploading top videos to contest website
  • 5/9 – 5/13: Public voting for best videos
  • 5/17: Winners announced at the DENny Awards

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  1. Peg Hartwig said:

    Awesome! Thanks for the Extension! I have 2 groups of kids who had been working on it but ended up with conflicts!
    We will be sure to get the submissions in!!

  2. Lori said:

    If we already submitted by the FIRST due date, can we resubmit?

  3. Amber said:

    I also submitted for the first due date. We’re still in, right?

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