Learn from Four Places at the Same Time

Today marks a pretty busy day in the edtech conference world.  Four conferences are in the works and the learning is right there for the taking.  Cloning isn’t possible yet and since time travel hasn’t been perfected, we’re stuck with no way to experience all of the learning at once.  Or are we?  Hello Twitter!  Twitter is a pretty awesome professional development tool that’s not being used by enough teachers.  Today alone, one can follow the action from Texas, North Carolina, Michigan, and Kentucky?  Wait, what?  You can do that?  YES – follow the hashtags for each of the conferences.  There will be a ton of information flowing throughout the day, much of it at a speed too fast to follow.  Mark the ones you want to take a look at later as Favorites and then check them out when you have more time to dig a little deeper.  Regardless, the information is being shared with you, even if you can’t be there in person.

Here are the links to the Twitter feed for each of the events.

North Carolina – #NCTIES2012
Michigan – #MACUL12
Kentucky – #kyste2012
Texas – #sxswedu  (Note, this isn’t the Texas state tech ed conference, that was a few weeks ago #tcea2012)

Follow along and let the learning continue!


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