The Third Podcast

Let me just say first that I’m not very bright. I recorded this podcast over a week ago and when I imported it into Audacity for a little post production (by “a little” I mean very little) it somehow only recorded my voice. Thinking the recording was pooched I left it and apologized to Steve and Courtney for my error. Not sure what Audacity did or does but listening to the original file which creates an .mov all the audio was in tact. So here’s the podcast. Not sure you needed all this information but whatever.

Anyway, this recording is a real treat because you’ll get an inside look at how Discovery decides what content is placed into DE streaming and the process of vetting and segmenting and other wonderful aspects you all enjoy in using Discovery Education with your students. Our guest is Courtney McGee who is the Director of Digital Content and unlike my perception of her job, she does not sit in a recliner all day and watch video. What does she do? Listen and find out.

Oh yeah, we’ll give away another prize.





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  1. Donna Criswell said:

    Airport podcasts.. love it. What a daunting task.. culling through all that content to ensure that teachers and students have access to rich content in ‘teachable moment’ bites..

    Love Lodge’s stuff and we’ve used his ‘paper slide’ project ideas throughout our district… Sound effects… awesome. Audio is powerful..

    Enjoyed this one 🙂

  2. icecube_media said:

    Podcasting in video streaming makes it one of the best combination, now one can watch there favorite videos channels anywhere anytime .

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