ThingLink – Make Your Images Interactive

Do you like to make your images interactive? Would you like to do so very, very easily? Some of you may have come across a ‘fairly’ new web application recently called ThingLink but don’t just read the homepage, head on over to the Gallery to REALLY get a feel for what this application can do! (It somewhat remind me of Flickr Notes.)

If you believe in the use of visuals to support teaching and learning, then I would suggest you take a closer look. While the application is *FREE* you are limited to 100,000 page views and 10 image uploads.  I checked out their pricing plan and thought it might be out of reach for educators: Plus – 500,000 page views and 500 images (along with no branding on the page) would be $5 a month.  I decided that ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’ and reached out to them via their online form and asked them if they might consider a plan for teachers.

Within a day, Neil Vineberg (CMO), contacted me back and informed me that their company did have an educational advisory team which included Shannon Miller among others.

Bottom line:  per Neil
“A discount code you can use and offer to your colleagues and students – TLEDU. That coupon code at purchase will discount the ThingLink Plus account with a 67% savings bringing our education pricing at $20 per year. The discount coupon was the easiest way for us to accommodate several requests for educational pricing. It’s good through end June. ”


I spoke to Neil and asked how far and wide I could spread the word — basically, the sky’s the limit, so if you are so inclined please feel free to share this wonderful information with your colleagues.


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  1. Peg Hartwig said:

    This is sooo awesome! I immediately thought of many STEMtastic ways to use this app! Thanks for being so proactive with getting school support pricing! Wish it was not a subscription though…. But time will tell!

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