The Fourth Podcast

Stupid or Brilliant? That’s the tagline of our podcast as you’ll hear. Today Steve’s in Grand Rapids at MACUL 12 where he snags several key people and who share a little Discovery goodness. This week’s prize giveaway is by me so listen, comment correctly and win a prize. Being I’m from Canada, it might be a toque or a donut.



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One Comment;

  1. Heather Moen said:

    Great joB – RIGHT ON! I loved the podcast, it was wasn’t painful at all to enDUR AND it was chock full of interesting guests. WAY NEater (way more neat?) than just reading a blog. I now feel more BRIGHT, ON my way to becoming a weekly listener, can you telL, O WELL, maybe not. I’ve been feeLIN’ DEN (uh Dean) should reward me for my creative comment. I’d be GLAD, WINning is GRAND, HAVEN’t you heard?

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