The Power of Words

Last year while attending DENSI 2011 in San Diego, a group of educators watched the documentary about Poetry Slams. It was a powerful example of how words can transform a person’s life through poetry. As part of my Wilkes coursework, I was taking a Project Based Learning class and our group decided to use poetry as the challenge.

Our Big Idea –
Language is a powerful and flexible way to express ourselves and connect with each other.

Our Challenge – Write your own poetry (choose the form, topic and purpose) and create a way of publishing or performing your work to share it with an audience and gather feedback from that audience.

To see more about the project, please visit our wiki.

My goal was that students would learn not only about the power of words but also how technology can influence the response of the audience. I designed three different video mediums to the same poem to share with them how choices of presentation can add or take away from the message.

Here are my example poems:

It’s not about the tool but the tool can take something powerful and make it more or make it less. The power of words and technology comes with being aware of what message you are trying to send.

As for our poems, we will be sharing the e-book of poetry that our students have created together at our Author’s Fair.

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