Madness in the Classroom


As we check our calendars this time of year, we dreadfully await the sweet arrival of spring break. However, for many of you sports fans this might be the moment you have waited for as March Madness is just around the corner. Why wait until the end of each school day to embrace yourself with the most joyous sports event of the year? Represent your school, loud and clear, throughout the day by incorporating the tournament into your classrooms.


By celebrating the madness in the classrooms, you can instill the spirit of competition, pride, and all the hoopla of attending a university. Students can pick the school they like and learn early on not only the importance of post-secondary education, but the fun of attending one too.


Here are some ideas to incorporate the March Madness season into the classrooms:
1.    Students can use math to predict the winners of games. Use probability to see which team has the highest chances to win.
2.    Students can fill out their own bracket and calculate the percentage of how many they got right. The student with the highest percent can be awarded a prize.
3.    Students can draw team logos or work on other art projects relating to the tournament.
4.    Students can be split into university teams and participate in a basketball tournament during physical education.


March Madness is an exciting team for all sports fans, but it can also be an opportunity for students and teachers alike to learn while having fun. We encourage you to be creative, fun, and enjoy the college basketball season!

The Discovery Educator’s Network is having its own March Madness tournament, this time pitting various educational enhancement websites against each other. Want to learn more? Then run, don’t walk, over here for more information!

-Dan Choi


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