3 Cs + Grow & Learn = Fun the DEN Way

Because she’s a DEN STAR and outgoing PA DEN LC Events Chair, Jennifer Brinson understands and emulates the 3 Cs: connect, collaborate, and communicate. A veteran presenter, she intuits growing learning, making it fun the DEN way. So it’s no surprise that she volunteered to present at my former school district, Salisbury Township, during a teacher-led in-service day of discovery. Geared to a beginning audience, 7 Wonders of the Web 2.0 World gives teachers 7 great tools they can implement in their classrooms with no additional facilitation. Feel free to use Jen’s presentation, shared with attribution, in your learning and teaching venues.

If you are new to Prezi, you might want to take a look at her tutorial.

If you would like to sample Jennifer’s growing collection of presentations, click here. Thanks once again, Jen, for sharing your work with our community.
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