Apps are constantly being shared back and forth. Some of them I pay attention to and others I ignore. I’ve recently been working on my photography skills, so when photo apps cross my path I tend to pay attention. Ken Shelton, a Star Discovery Educator, is an unbelievable photographer and educator. He is also a great resource for photo apps and often posts them on Twitter and his Facebook page. I recently downloaded one called FrameLens. Available (as of this posting) for FREE!

According to FrameLens, the app helps you to capture multiple shots of the single moment with cell-embedded multiple cameras and build beautiful collage with them. You can also read multiple photos from your album to build collage. The transition between the cell-embedded multiple cameras and the collage decoration is so natural and intuitive.

It provides 68 layouts with 16 photos and unique decorations like round corner, margin width, shadow and border. You can also change background color or apply 50 beautiful patterns.

I started out by taking pictures in my living room

I then started thinking about how the app could be used with students. Below are three examples.

Favorite Books

Solids, Liquids and Gasses

Shapes: Circles

I hope this inspires you to try this app in your classroom. Have an idea on how you might use this in the classroom? Leave a comment and let us know.



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  1. Ken said:

    Thanks for the generous comments Heather. Great examples on the Educational Uses of Frame Lens!! Hope to see you at ISTE.

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