Have Horse, Will Travel

Can you IMAGINE the fun Jan's having...

Until I met Jan Abernethy, I never wanted to be anyone else. But right now, I think Being Jan Abernethy would make for an interesting life  ~  and a fantastic movie. Her nearly 2000 mile jaunt on Sweetie to the DENSI 12 humbles and energizes me. Nothing like a vicarious experience you wish were really yours. In the past week, Jan has done some traveling, and according to her blog (I’m going to talk to her sometime this week), she’s done a girlie-girl thing, putting a unique signature on shopping, Abernethy style. From her Tack Swap post (still has me smiling):

Sweetie and I were trudging up Route 65 when I saw a sign for a Tack Swap in Green Acres, IN. I thought, “Awesome! I can buy something new for DENSI and check out this cool town!” We marched right into the store and I got me these awesome new threads!

Look for this outfit at the DENSI 12

And march they did. I wish I could be a fly on the — want to say wall — but just out and about to see the reactions people have when she marches in. What a hoot, and what a story. When Jen gets to Bozeman, she will be decked out in some honest-to-goodness tack swap digs. Have to admit, I love the outfit and I love the journey.

We in the DEN know the value of good digital storytelling, and Jan will have quite a story to tell, but for me, the personal aspect of her journey makes a special connection. Jen reminds me of the power of the DEN’s social connections and how each life is a unique story needing telling, even — and especially — if it’s on horseback. Go ride and godspeed, PA cowgirl.

Gary, Indiana ~ not quite like the song

Looking at the week in review since we left Jan on the last post, our Greenville, PA team of two has traveled to Gary, Indiana (can’t get that song out of my head). From her post Golfing in Gary:

A gorgeous day in Gary, Indiana today. Found a golf course, played a few holes, and now we’re back on the road. Chicago, here we come!

Lends an indelible new meaning to the sport of golf, don’t you think?

Flat Stanley, Jan, & Sweetie in Chicago ~ View from the Bridge

From her Flat Stanley and Chicago post, we learn Jan has arrived (at last) in Chicago.

We arrived in Chicago today! What a great city! Apparently Flat Stanley was here too. I asked a man to take our picture, then we rode over to the bridge. I didn’t even see Flat Stanley until I uploaded the picture. Crazy, huh?

Jan and her girls!Chicago held a special meaning to Jan, as her next post shows. What could be worse than getting to a destination and NOT being able to find your special people. According to the giveaway title, Finally Found My Girls!, Jan writes with exuberance (photo is great too):

Rode around the city all afternoon looking for my daughters, Sara and Mandy. Finally managed to find them on the Lake Michigan beach.

Just wondering...

OK, I have a question — take a look at Liz Charlton’s house. Doesn’t this look like a really residential neighborhood? Wonder where Jan parked her horse. Just saying… Again that DEN power as Jan spends the night in Chicago with STAR Liz Charlton. From yesterdays post:

Will be spending the night at Chicago DEN Star, Liz’s house. So excited!!!!

I just keep wondering about the incidentals of the trip. Having owned, ridden, and shown horses over fences for — well, a long time — I wonder how Jan manages to carry feed, where they bed down for the night when no STARS are shining in a nearby location, how she manages on a HORSE in the CITY of Chicago. Guess I’ll have to call to ask and report back. Just the logistics of this trip might have stopped me cold…but not Jan!

Making us hungry...

Today’s post celebrates Pi Day:

Enjoying Pi Day in Chicago! Sweetie and I were so excited when we walked past this window.

Well, that’s all folks for now. PLEASE submit questions you would like answered in the comment box. In the next few days I hope to speak to Jan and it would be fun to have your just wonderings answered.

And Lance, does Sweetie get special STAR status? Just wondering…


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