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DE Streaming Bullying Assets

Defined by, “Bullying can happen anywhere: face-to-face, by text messages or on the web. It is not limited by age, gender, or education level. It is not a phase and it is not a joke. Bullying can cause lasting harm.”

Unfortunately, bullying exists, and school systems throughout the country attempt to face the problem to eradicate it. Teachers who have access to Discovery Education Streaming have a wealth of excellent resources for use in classrooms (searchable by grade, subject, media type — see right insert) and supplemental programs that help students, their  families, and communities create safe environments by confronting and combating bullying. Given over 150 resources for bullying prevention and intervention, students, parents, and administrators have safe and timely resources with Discovery Education.

Resources are EXTENSIVE!

In addition, Discovery Education’s program, Cruel Schools is a self-contained lesson plan geared for Grades 6-8 and includes the following extensive grab-and-go resources (a teacher’s dream): Objectives, Materials, Procedures, Adaptations, Discussion Questions, Evaluation, Extensions, Suggested Readings, Links, Vocabulary, Academic Standards, and Credits. In addition to these free subscriber resources, the Discovery Store has 43 for-purchase DVDs/VHS products.

SHS ~ working toward NP4H certification

The Challenge ~ Please Vote!

But where do you turn if districts do not have access to Discovery Education resources? One alternative many school systems have embraced is No Place for Hate, a program sponsored by the Anti-Defamation League. To become school certified as a No Place for Hate School, there is a three-tiered process, with each step requiring approval from ADL. Salisbury High School is in the final step of NP4H accreditation, and to achieve that status, students must create and submit videos to the Great American No Bull Challenge website. SHS history teacher, Morgan Flagg and Spanish and Environmental Science teacher Laura DosSantos are (pending) chapter advisors and they have 2 entries we hope you will watch AND then VOTE for. Here’s the first, a group effort, entitled Right Your Wrong.

The second entry, a video scrapbook about the potential effects of bullying on high school students appropriately asks, What would you do? and is the work of an individual student.

There are many ways to intervene and prohibit; watching and voting for these 2 videos would be a great starting point!

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