Teaching with Contests?

We are so fortunate as DEN members to have access to so many great contests sponsored by Discovery Education!
We can find ways to motivate and challenge our students and ourselves through K – 12 DE Contests like Dr Lodge’s Video Challenge through songs, CWD- G  spread the word and win a wireless lab sweepstakes, Siemens – Discovery We Can Change the World Challenge, Siemens Science Day Sweepstakes, 3M & Discovery’s Young Scientists Challenge.  Beyond these contests, don’t forget  a host of Siemens – Discovery Professional Development opportunities for you as an Educator.

Although some contests just need your diligence to daily entry, others will help you and your students take risks in learning, demonstrating student knowledge through PBL  or publishing and technology integration.  By challenging the students with these opportunities to compete, beyond simply doing projects to show competency in a learning target, we are encouraging healthy competition while raising students’ level of concern, resulting in deeper analysis and quality assessment productions.

There are MANY more contests out there for you and your students. Take time to look through the different areas because you just  may find one that matches your mission and learning targets.  As school funding continues to take on strain, we can supplement our budgets while showcasing student learning through any one of many contests.

You Can’t Win If You Don’t Enter!



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  1. RJ Stangherlin said:

    Peg, what a great idea to aggregate these resources. LOVE your ending–so true. We seem to think along similar lines. I keep trolling the Global Blog to find your posts. Keep it coming!

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