Energize… find an PadCamp or EdCamp!

It is the last day of our school districts spring break.  I have had a chance to spend a ton of hours in bed (if you know me.. this is NOT a common occurrence at all)  I am trying to get energized for the next few months of school.    How do you energize yourself to be ready for school or work?

I know that I energize myself by attending conferences.  I have had the opportunity to attend a couple of amazing ones lately (but that is a whole other blog) When we attend conferences we always speak of the importance of students buying into what they are learning.  We learn about the importance of having authentic learning in the classroom for the learning to really stick.  Attending conferences that have this same expectation is so important for educators learning too!

I will be energizing myself at #PadCampDallas next Saturday March 24th, 2012.  This is a day that will be devoted to  learning about different ways to bring tablets and handhelds into the classroom.  There are several reasons that I am super excited about this.  One reason it is FREE!  The second reason is for the authentic learning I will gain.  These conferences are set up to give all different types of educators the opportunity to share how they do things in the classroom.  If I find a session that I have sat in on is not really what I was looking for…. it i okay for me to get up and find another session.  I am giving myself my own authentic learning.   The third reason I am super excited about this is the connections that I make.  They might be in person during the day, but they tend to be virtual after that.

In September I will be energizing myself at #EdCampDallas  another Fantastic day of authentic learning and connections.

Teaching is hard.  Working in education is hard.  Joining forces with other educators that have amazing ideas is a fantastic way to energize anyone!

I am excited about energizing my brain with the upcoming #PadCampDallas and #EdCampDallas… but I had to share another way that I am energized.  This year has been a crazy year everywhere for a ton of people (including myself)  I had a friend recently email out that since her birthday was coming up… she didn’t want gifts.  She wanted people to perform Random Acts of  Kindness (RAOK) and then share about them.  What a Great birthday gift idea.  I know that I feel so much better when I take the time out to share a smile with someone.  I have been trying to figure out what I want to do for her birthday gift.  I did find a couple of sites with ideas.

I know that I want to energize myself, but also the people around me.  What are you doing to energize your life?

Hope to see you at a PadCamp or EdCamp!


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