Google Plus adds Google Docs to Hangouts



Google has announced that Google Docs are now included in Hangouts on Google Plus. When in a Hangout, you just click on the new “Docs” button and you can add an existing document, upload a new one, and switch between and collaboratively edit multiple documents at once.


This is another great feature of Google+ Hangouts for education. Teachers and/or students can hold study groups, help sessions, or work on other projects using Docs in Hangouts.






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  1. Sigma square said:

    I don’t think this will solve basic problem. undoubtedly Hangouts and Google docs is great integration but since there are many issues when it comes to Google docs just like Google Spreadsheets is online, why doesn’t it go beyond versioning and creating multiple copies of the same data? What if I want to share different filters of the same spreadsheet for others to update and make my life easier?
    I would be interested in some alternatives to Google docs and have come across this tool called CollateBox looks promising to me, went through their blog which talks about getting alerts, notification.. Seems interesting..

  2. James said:

    i like this feature added ! i wanted to know know but i cannot find much information on google as well

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