Qwiki Creator! Show What You Know!

Several months ago I created a post about a great site called Qwiki. Qwiki is a talking search engine that tells you about your searches. Back then I though Qwiki was great, but now I know Qwiki is going to revolutionize learning with Qwiki Creator! Soon you, and your students can show what you know by uploading your own media, and people can hear you tell them what you know about a topic. I have signed up for email updates when this product is available, and I can’t wait to use it.  This tool can be used with students that have reading problems, or, like many students, simply do not like to read a lot. They can listen to information about a topic, and create information for others to use also. I anticipate using this product in conjunction with lessons on research methods and validation of Internet sources, as it is a type of wiki, as well as in the science classroom to enhance writing across the curriculum, and as a student publishing option. I will post a follow-up to let everyone know when Qwiki Creator is available. You can learn more about Qwiki and Qwiki Creator and see sample Qwikis created with this tool here: http://www.qwiki.com/creator


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