Is Free Always Good?

Have you ever wondered how you would wade your way through all of the Open Educational Resources (OERs)? What makes them good, quality tools worth implementing? How can you ensure that they align with the Common Core and provide quality instructional assessment tools? To assist with this, Achieve, Inc. has developed eight downloadable rubrics designed to help evaluate OERs:

  • Rubric I. Degree of Alignment to Standards
  • Rubric II. Quality of Explanation of the Subject Matter
  • Rubric III. Utility of Materials Designed to Support Teaching
  • Rubric IV. Quality of Assessment
  • Rubric V. Quality of Technological Interactivity
  • Rubric VI. Quality of Instructional Tasks and Practice Exercises
  • Rubric VII. Opportunities for Deeper Learning
  • Rubric VIII. Assurance of Accessibility

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