Anyone Can Try The Discovery Ed. Science Techbook!

The Discovery Education Science Techbook is a complete digital curricular resource that replaces traditional K-12 science textbooks and lowers district costs. It ignites curiosity and enhances learning via a powerful, simple-to-use program that helps teachers transition to the exciting world of digital resources.

This Techbook is making a great impact on integrating 21st Century STEM though dynamic, customized lessons, resources and interactive labs.  If you were to surf it yourself, you couldn’t  possibly understand all the great tools and resources embedded throughout this Techbook  so Discovery Education is offering you the opportunity to experience the Techbook from the comfort of your own home!

Join the Discovery Education Team via Live Webinar interaction, where you can explore the Tech-book, asking questions while brainstorming how the Tech-book will empower you and your students to actually DO science, using research and interactive explorations to create motivated, thoughtful, 21st Century STEM Learners.

If you take time to explore the Techbook with Discovery professional development webinars, you will be intrigued and impressed with all the different ways you can incorporate the flexible Techbook features, excited to confidently exlpore more on your own! You can register for the next webinar here which is on March 28 at 4 PM CST.

Discovery Education will reward your time by offering you a free trial to use with your students.  The free trial is 60 days, starting from when you would like to focus energy on integrating this amazing product. Discovery Education prioritizes the professional development and support for educators when using their products; they are always willing to help guide you through your questions.  DE  accommodates various users’ needs, offering  webinars to not only teachers but also administrators and parents!

Because I am a STAR Discovery Educator, I was given access to the Discovery Education Science Techbook 2 months ago, and I have chosen to attend a few webinars on this amazing product, acquiring new ideas for STEM integration each time! I have used the DE Techbook both at school and with my 7th grade son who finds the techbook an exciting mix of  interactive explorations.  My son often asks if he can see what the DE Techbook has for “Fun Stuff” regarding his current learning target.  Last night, he studied the phases of cell division, doing the interactive cell activity twice.

Can you imagine how great it would be to explore the wonders of the Science Techbook through any K – 8 summer school Science course?

What perfect timing for a free trial!

More Info: 

Trial Request:   Please contact Discovery Education representative Brett Jacquay, Education Manager


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