DE Streaming Plus won’t leave you starving for content…

Most people with their finger on the pulse of pop culture could tell you that today is the nationwide release of the Hunger Games movie, based on the best-selling first book in the trilogy by Suzanne Collins.  But how many of you are aware that the first two books in the series are available in audiobook format for our Streaming Plus users? 

There’s so much that you can do with the Hunger Games audiobook.  For example:

  • 1) Assign a part (it’s conveniently broken into 8 parts) to your students and encourage them to predict how the story might have changed if Katniss had reacted differently in one of the scenes.
  • 2)Compare and contrast the skills of the main competitors.  Identify two key factors that helped to ensure survival.
  • 3)Listen to Effie Trinket in Chapter 2.  Use to have your students record the scene but change the tone of Effie’s statements to sarcasm.  Discuss how that might change Katniss’s views of Effie.

Just like Katniss and Peeta, take advantage of your surroundings and engage your students with the myriad of media types available within DE Streaming and Streaming Plus!


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    • Karen Sanders said:


      If you log into, you can search for “Hunger Games”. You can filter by audio in the “By Media Type” in the left-hand column to narrow the search results if needed.

      Happy Listening!

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