Edmodo Has Gone Google!!

I have been continually impressed with edmodo but now they have really done it! Edmodo has tied into google docs! If you haven’t embraced edmodo as a teacher, you are really missing out on a great way to keep your students and yourself organized and communicating! Now, with the power of Google Docs you can do even more!!

Simply go to the library. On the left side, by your library folders will be a google doc link.  If you click on the link, it will allow edmodo access to your google docs!  The docs will now be accessible from your library!

Why should you care?  Well, if your school has a filter like ours , every google doc has a different IP address, which makes some teachers and tech assistants go crazy, trying to weed through all the IP clearance.  Now we have the ability to not only use the google docs but we can share them seamlessly with our students.

Give a Shout Out to Edmodo!  

Thanks for going Google!


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  1. Sigma square said:

    I am teacher at high school. I think with these features of Google docs, it ‘ll be a creative tool than anything else. mean time a student of mine came across this tool called CollateBox http://www.collatebox.com/ . Looks very interesting to me.
    What do you think about this one?

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