The Fifth Podcast

Catchy title hey?

Actually this is a pretty significant podcast for a number of reasons.

1. First one Steve and I have done together live.
2. No one was in an airport.
3. I nearly got through the podcast without mentioning the “p” word.
4. We went over 17 minutes.

The real reason this was such a significant conversation was that it was done at the conclusion of a pretty amazing gathering of some of the top edu bloggers around the continent. Steve assembled these folks in a think tank session called “Beyond the Textbook” where we discussed the future of learning, the future of text books and the role it will play. It was truly an open conversation where we encouraged push back and dialogue and disagreement. The Discovery team took a great deal away from that event and hope to incorporate these ideas as we move forward.

For your reading pleasure, check out the following:

#BeyondTheTextbook live feed on Twitter:!/search/%23beyondthetextbook

Tom Whitby’s recap:

Richard Byrne’s 7 Resources to use with Frozen Planet:

Wesley Fryer’s posts about the Forum:

Audrey Watters’ recap:

David Warlick’s recap:

Karen Hornberger’s recap:

Steve’s ongoing bookmarks:

And for your listening pleasure here’s the conversation between myself, Steve, Hall Davidson, Angela Maiers, David Warlick, Richard Byrne and Kyle Schutt. Enjoy.

Photo: by Angela Maiers



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