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Altman & Weir: DE Assessment Team

If you have ever felt overwhelmed as a classroom teacher, then this presentation will be exciting, dynamic, interactive–but best of all for you–a huge game changer. Jason Altman, DEN Account Manager and Assessment Specialist and Brad Weir, Discovery Assessment Manager will give you efficient and effective ways to develop time-saving differentiated instruction to benefit all students–using Discovery Assessment and Rubrics. Remediate, enrich, individualize, collect real-time data–all with the click of a mouse.

Despite the competition from a keynote speaker and a Sunday late AM (and for me, Jannita’s arrival), Altman and Weir had a wonderful audience. If you were expecting to hear about benchmark assessments to support effective learning and teaching with specific outcomes or formative quiz building tied to content to drive instruction w/paper & pencil testing, you are in the wrong session.

No longer do you need to teach to the test; instead you can just teach–differently–more efficiently–in the way students learn best. Authentic assessments are value added but assessment is not effective if it’s not analyzed and acted upon. Discovery Performance Assignment Builder makes authentic easy, fast, and student-centered at an individual level.

2 TN folks!Authentic assessment demands doing something with what students know. Students need higher learning thinking skills as digital learners: analysis, synthesis, and application. We show the pathway, the expectation, the rubric and then we take the shackles off our students and let them roam and choose how they demonstrate content literacy. The CRCD framework speaks best: Collect, Relate, Create, Donate. Collect content information/research, relate to its relevancy, create meaningful demonstrations of understand w/appropriate tools, and donate–take your production and make transparent 24/7, going beyond classroom walls.

Sometimes without realizing it, we do not encourage creativity because pressure from state testing assessments force teachers to refocus learning to teaching to the test–a real creativity killer. Finding the balance between authentic assessment that students can own v. teaching for testing can be demanding if not overwhelming. Add connecting common core standards and nonlinguistic and linguistic representation with differentiated instruction needs met IS overwhelming for most teachers.Fret no more. Life is good because…

The Game Changer

Discovery Education Assessment is the game changer. The Discovery Education Builder comes complete with enriched content and rubrics AND connects to Common Core State Standards. Discovery got MANY things right, but the biggest is that their Builders let you upload outside of their vetted content. You get a total paperless package for students to CRCD. Building your Builder is an intuitive 1-2-3 step and comes with a customized rubric. The best feature of this platform is the built-in capacity for remediation. If at first your students don’t succeed, they can try again after remediation. For safe vetted robust content + remediation + assessment, you will simply not find a more authentic learning and teaching tool, and you will not have to go outside to a 2nd or 3rd party less protected venue. As a parent and former teacher, I can tell you nothing can complete with Discovery Education Assessment.

Discovery Education Progress Zone complements the builders by enabling teachers to do probes to determine students’ levels of understanding without pressuring students about grades. It makes little sense to wait until the end of a unit to measure understanding, yet time is not most teacher’ friend. Setting up a probe takes less than 5 minutes because Discovery has 60,000 content probles already designed, and that number continues to increase.

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