DEAF Educational Access for Computational Science

Are you looking for STEM resources to engage hearing impaired students? The Shodor Education Foundation has what you need to support all of your students in STEM curriculum content. Click here to view the Deaf Educational Access For Computational Science  (DEAF CS) website. Here you can view ASL annotated models of the spread of disease, and a variety of other math and science simulations. Students can read the material and access the concepts through authentic ASL signed by deaf educators and students. When a simulation or activity is accessed, students can click on the ASL button to see an interpreter sign the information to clarify what they are reading and observing.


Screenshot from DEAF CS Website

*Interpreter photo and screenshot from DEAF CS website:


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  1. Peg Hartwig said:

    STEMtastic Resource! Thanks! I have no deaf students, but will pass it on to my district colleagues! Definitely a great resource to keep in mind!

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