Welcome to a new Massachusetts DEN Star

At the recent New England Day of Discovery, I briefly met Greg Limperis from Lawrence. He has a lot to offer the DEN community, so I was thrilled to learn that he became a DEN Star. Thank you, Greg, for sharing a little about yourself, your experiences, and your interests. Greg writes:

My name is Greg Limperis and I am the Supervisor of Instructional Technology and Media for Lawrence Public Schools. I oversee the instructional technology, use, implementation, training and more for our whole district. I have been teaching in Lawrence for over 16 years and have had the opportunity to work in state of the art schools all that time. I started off as a 6th grade teacher integrating so much technology into my daily teaching that the then superintendent would often bring delegates from around the globe to my classroom to see technology being implemented into teaching. Two years later I was made to be the Technology Facilitator/Computer Teacher for my school. Since that point, for the past 14 years I have been helping teachers in my district integrate technology into their teaching. This past year I began my current position with the district. During the past two years, I also started my own PLN called Technology Integration in Education on Linkedin and on my own website @ http”//www.technologyintegrationineducation.com. As of today, combined membership has my postings being viewed by over 15000 eyes daily. We are now on Twitter, Facebook and more. The idea of the site is to create on centralized location where educators can go to find every resource available to them that would help them integrate technology into their daily teaching. We share websites, blogs, discussions, videos, infographics, events and much more. Groups are formed daily around topics or resources. I can be found on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and more.

I would like to share with DEN the resources I share with all of my PLN. I hope to make connections and learn more from fellow DEN members as well and broaden even further my own personal growth.


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  1. Donna Criswell said:

    Welcome to the DEN Greg! We are lucky to have you aboard!

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