Discovery Education Assessment Takes To The Road

This spring, Discovery Education Assessment will host several workshops and school visits with various school districts across the country. Some of the events are targeted towards teachers, while others are targeted toward administrators. These events are held in partner schools and feature professional development sessions as well as prize giveaways and a ton of fun. We promise that we will laugh, we will cry, and most of all we will emerge with a better understanding of using our Discovery Education resources to collect and use student data to inform the decisions we make in the classrooms.

Session topics will include:

  • Inspiring Students Through Enrichment Activities and The Student Center Portal;
  • Data That Makes You Smile: Check For Understanding Using Discovery Education Games;
  • Check For Understanding: Monitor School Progress With Discovery Education Assessment

Follow this link to see if and when we’ll be in your area. Please contact Jason Altman at if your school would be interested in playing host to a free workshop for area educators in the future!


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