Discovery Education Videos at a Book Fair?

I just conducted a book fair at our local Barnes and Noble store. Our students are always excited about this fair because we are off campus and it is always so much fun. I planned three nights of activities to keep the students active in the store while the parents shopped (of course!). The first night we had our choir sing but we focused on our social studies curriculum. The activity for our students was one specifically geared to Geography. We had stations throughout the store where they had to find the teacher and complete a task. We had the students match types of food to a country, listen to cultural music and compare to today’s music, and discuss traveling overseas. The most exciting station had students look at natural disasters.  The students had to name the types of disasters and dialog with the teacher the current disasters they had seen in the news. The picture included in this post is from that station. Instead of using pictures of disasters we used the Rover app ( to stream the natural disasters Discovery Education videos in the store.  They loved the activity and could not wait until day two of the book fair which I will share with you in another post. I asked one of our students who is very shy which was his favorite station and he replied ….the one with the really cool videos. Sending a DEN finger to Rover and Discover Education for bringing some digital FUN to my Barnes and Noble Book Fair!

Can you see the excitement over the DE videos?


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