Resizing Images

Have you ever spent more than 5 minutes resizing and cropping an image to the “JUST RIGHT” size for your website or other location?  I know that I have and I also know that many teachers get caught up in this task just to have their image become distorted by the height and width dimensions.  I am also asked about how to accomplish this task on a regular basis as our school website needs very specific image dimensions in order to fit into the template.   So, check out this quick and easy website called Scale Your Image.  Bookmark it now!!


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  1. Azores said:

    Well the basics of scaling images on Photoshop or even paint is to resize height and width accordingly so the image doesn’t stretch. You can easily do this holding shift key on your keyboard. I know this won’t be anything new to you but I just felt like worth telling. Btw, scaleyourimage seems like a great tool.

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