So Kevin Corcoran was in New England Two Weekends Ago….

Kevin was Here!


… and here he is to talk about!

Recently, I took a trip up to Boston to experience the New England Day of Discovery.  I had never been up to Boston, so it was an exciting experience for me!  Before arriving at the beautiful Norwood High School, I got to walk around the city of Boston, and see some of its wonderful and historic buildings.  After a brief bit of sightseeing, It was down to business and time to get our host school ready for the New England Day of Discovery.
When I arrived at Norwood High School, I was astonished at how amazing the school was.  Everything within the school was top of the line and in pristine condition.  There was even a state of the art television studio within the school for the students to use.  Amazing! I wish I could have gone to High School here.  After taking a quick look around the school we got everything prepped and ready for the Day of Discovery.
Saturday arrived and it was time for the Day of Discovery to begin.  The day began with breakfast courtesy of Dunkin Donuts and Panera.  After breakfast the teachers and administrators made their way into the auditorium to listen to Keynote speaker, Reed Timmer.  Reed told stories of life as a storm chaser, and shared some pretty exceptional videos and photos with the audience.  After Reed’s presentation the teachers went out to the breakout sessions of the day.  It was fun to see so many educators coming together to continue their own growth and learning, and share their ideas with their peers.  I had a great time at the New England Day of Discovery, and I believe the educators that attended did as well.

-Kevin Corcoran


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  1. Donna Criswell said:

    Hi Kevin,
    As the Chairperson for the MA DEN Leadership Council, I am pleased that you took the time to travel to our wonderful state and to have attended the Day of Discovery in Norwood! We’ve been lucky to have had a few DOD’s in MA. Each and every one of them has been jam-packed with great ideas, resources, tips, great keynote speakers, and collegiality. I hope you will return again!

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