What to do on SPRING BREAK?


SPRING BREAK time is here.  Many teachers and students around the country are AMPED for some free/relation time. If you are going away on a family vacation, GREAT! But what is there to do if you are on a STAYcation (staying at home +vacation/break time)? If you are anything like I was as a student or teacher, you’ll be bored by the third day. Once you’ve played video games and played outside endlessly (students) or caught up on your favorite shows and reorganized your closet (teachers)…NOW WHAT?


How about exploring fun and educational things in your town? For example, here in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area, we have many Museums (Smithsonian, Crime Museum, Newseum, etc.), Monuments/Memorials (Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, newly built Dr. King Memorial, etc), Cherry Blossoms, National Zoo, etc. What fun and educational things do you have in your town?

You could also try experimenting with a new outdoor activity you’ve never done before.

Gardening? This is a great way to score points with your mom. By the time summer comes around you’ll have plenty of pretty flowers and fresh vegetables. What kinds of things will you plant?

New Sport? The weather is finally starting to warm up, so get outside and play whether you pick up a tennis racquet for the first time or invent a new game of your own. Have you invented a sport or game?

Community Service? Always a GREAT idea. Whether you sign up with a service organization OR organize something yourself, with the help and permission of your parents, like cleaning a stream a nearby park it’s always a good idea to give back.



We’d love to hear your creative, fun and educational ideas on how to spend Spring Break! Share with us!

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  1. Remington Taylor said:

    I thought this was an excellent post. Lots of great ideas here!

  2. lynna said:

    rent a ton of movies from blockbuster and have a nonstop movie marathon!!!

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