WEMTA (Wisconsin Educational Media & Technology Association) Award Winners Make Connection with Discovery Streaming

We would like to congratulate, two outstanding teachers who were recent recipients of the WEMTA Grant!

Ms. Cathy Houchin, from Watertown Unified School District won the Media and Technology grant for her innovative idea of a musical zoo. Her vision for the musical zoo is a unique collaboration between music teachers and media specialists. Her projects will involve students creating information, to be used by younger students about musical instruments. She commented, “This is a perfect way to infuse Discovery Education media into the classroom project.”

Ms. Hope Mikkelson, from Verona Area High School was awarded a Media and Technology Grant for her innovative idea of creating ePubs in the Classroom. She will be working with her Biology 2 students learning how to create digital content to present their Phyla research projects. Hope’s students recently created iMovies using editable clips from Discovery Streaming and is now looking forward to electronic book publishing.

Submitted by Rita Mortenson


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