Jacques Cousteau at a Book Fair in the Barnes and Noble in Baton Rouge!

This is not an April Fools’ Day Joke! I wrote a post a couple of days ago on the success of day one of our book fair in Barnes and Noble.  Day one focused on Geography so our day two took a different direction with curriculum as students completed a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) scavenger hunt. The students were to answer questions in regard to the science, robotics and math stations throughout the store. The math teachers had the students working math problems and singing math songs in the café (how very Dr. Lodge McCammon of them). The robotics class programmed robots to be sound activated so as students approached the station and spoke to the teacher they would be followed by robotics until they figured out they needed to be quiet to stop the stalking robots.  The science teachers had a wax museum of great people in the scientific community. Students were frozen in their station and then came alive when a bell rang. They gave a little bit of information about their lives and their contributions to society. Our scavenger hunt students had to answer questions from each one of the scripted dialogs. We had Florence Nightingale, Madam Curie, Sir Isaac Newton, Jacques Cousteau and so many more in the house. We ended the night with a selection played by our jazz ensemble. The store was packed with students and parents and everyone enjoyed the STEM themed activities.

Jacques stopped by the store after an expedition


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