DE offers format flexibility with Stream Types

Did you know that DE streaming videos are available in a variety of file formats? You can choose what format you’d like to stream and/or download in, according to your preferences!

Say for example you have a SMART Board, in which you can natively insert FLV (Flash) files, you can easily choose Flash as your format.

Here’s how it works. Pull up any video, and look below the player. There you will see the options Stream Type and Download Type:


As you can see above, my current chosen format is Windows Media ASF 256k. Depending on what formats your district  has requested to be enabled (or disabled, in the case of some districts that locally host our content on their own server) your available formats may be slightly different.

Click on the Stream Type or Download Type buttons to select a format. A menu will drop down below the button,  so you may need to scroll down to see it:

As you can see, choosing your Stream or Download Type is as easy as 2 clicks! Just remember that both options allow you to save your preferences separately, so one doesn’t automatically mirror the other. The setting you choose will be stored persistently, so if you have a PC at school and a Mac at home, you may need to adjust your preferred format accordingly.



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  1. Lisa Thompson said:

    Thanks for the tip. Could you explain the first streaming option? We don’t have that one enabled for my district.

    • Bill Smallwood said:

      Hi Lisa,

      H.264 is our new video format. It works well with Mac, iPad, PC, and is an excellent all-around format. If you’re interested in having it enabled, please have your district or site administrator contact us, and we’ll be happy to discuss enabling the format for your school or district.

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