Wisconsin STAR DEN Members Feature Discovery Content in their Presentations!

This past week, nearly 650 educators from around Wisconsin attended the Wisconsin Educational Media & Technology Association Conference held at the Wisconsin Dells. Two instructors from Verona Area High School teamed up and presented innovative ways to use Discovery content on the iPad.

MS. Julie Jenewein and Ms. Rita Mortenson, WI STAR DEN members, from Verona Area High School presented a session titled iTouch, iPad, Oh My! Teaching and Learning with Mobile Devices. They shared how their high school integrated technology into their ELL classroom using mobile devices. During the past two years, the two have been working with several ELL classes to create some hands on and engaging projects using Discovery Streaming content. One of their projects was creating ePubs using the editable content of Discovery Streaming. Students read a book about reusable resources and then discovered ways that they would conserve on energy.

Submitted by Rita Mortenson


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    Could I get a link to your presentation about creating ePubs with editable DE clips.

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