#edcamp Detroit

Fellow DEN Star, LC Chair, and DEN Guru Cheryl Lykowski had this to share about edcamp Detroit and Discovery Education.

We wanted to take a moment and thank Discovery Education for their amazing support of Edcamp Detroit. Discovery Education has been leading the way in providing high quality, dynamic, digital content to school districts large and small, rural and suburban and everything in between. As well as providing digital content, Discovery Education also transforms and inspires classrooms with interactive lessons, techbooks, real-time assessment, quality professional development, and virtual experiences.

As someone who actively uses Discovery Education products, I have personally seen the difference that is made when using interactive and engaging content throughout my daily lessons. The professional development that I have had an opportunity to take part in, as well as being a part of a close network of educators from all over the world known as the DEN, (Discovery Educator Network) has allowed me to grow exponentially as an educator.

I highly suggest you check out Discovery Education and see all of the amazing things they have to offer.

– Cheryl Lykowski

For those who are not sure what an edcamp is; it is an un-conference. There is no set schedule or sessions or topics.The participants are the ones who help decide and drive the edcamp.  If you would like to host a session just sign up on their board and lead the discussion for an hour. For more details here is the link: #edcamp Detroit.

BTW. It is FREE. Cool eh?