Get Your Game On!

Even the greatest athletes in the world acknowledge the need for learning from others, having a coach and mentor to help them refine their game. As educators, it is our job to model life long learning.  It never ceases to amaze me how much I can still learn about digital integration strategies from simple conversations with educators across the nation.  So who is mentor?  More importantly, who are you mentoring?  I would love to challenge each of you to completing one of the following activities in the month ahead.

  • Lunch and Learn– Bring a lunch you can share with 3 or more of your colleagues and discuss how the digital media resources available in Discovery Education help your students digest learning core content.
  • Sweet Treats with Your Grade Level Peeps– Make a special dessert to share with your team during your next grade level planning time.  Discuss how videos, images, and audio files sweeten your lessons.
  • Perk Up– See what ideas your colleagues have brewing by inviting 3 or more to a coffee house to discuss ways to integrate DE into your lessons.
  • Break Down the Walls– Don’t limit your learning to the four walls of your class/site/district. Gather a few of your colleagues together to attend a DE webinar and discuss ways to integrate your new knowledge into your curriculum.
  • Head in the Clouds– Looking for ways to connect with your colleagues in other states?  Host a virtual meeting with Google Plus, Skype or even Webex.  Have your very own “Appy Hour”
  • Lions, Tigers, and Pictures… Oh My!  Take your learning to the streets, a beach, the park or wherever your lens points to with a photo safari.  As you venture far and wide discuss how digital imagery can inspire curiosity and build background knowledge.  Don’t forget DE images are available in small, medium, and large.
  • All STAR Player– Don’t leave your school staff on the bench.  Catch them all up to speed by asking your administrator if you could have a few minutes of your next scheduled staff meeting to talk about what DE offers.  Presenting at a district, local, state, or national conference?  Let us know by reporting your event! Don’t forget as a STAR Discovery Educator, you can order a training kit with supplies for your event.

I love how the DEN connects educators with their most valuable resource… each other!  Not even the sky is the limit with the creativity and resources you hold in each other. So, get your game on this month and make a difference by paying it forward!  Share with us other ways you are connecting with your colleagues.

Did you know that as a member of the Discovery Educator Network Leadership Council you are provided funding to host events similar to those listed above?!?


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  1. Lisa Thompson said:

    Thanks Jannita for the reminder that there are lots of ways to share DE. Getting my game on!

  2. Deb Thonus said:

    Awesome ideas Jannita! I plan to offer my DE PD with a few of your twists. Thanks for sharing. So far I have only offered \door prizes\ to get the attendance up. It’s super that you’re using the \pay it forward\ analogy!
    P.S. My last request for a training kit never arrived. Ordered it in January. Guess I’ll order another one. The kits are filled with great give aways!

  3. Marion Chase said:

    Dentastic! I have been digging deeper with Discovery and it is amazing the number of ways Discovery can be used throughout the school district. The ideas that come in from so many people. This is a real den-shot in the arm.


  4. Dr. Priscillae Burwell said:

    I am a true DEN-tist! I will definitely complete some fillings and root canals on my colleagues by introducing them to ideas by hosting Sweet Treats with MY Grade Level Peeps at our next PLC! This week Discovery has made a real IMPACT on my wisdom…..

  5. Therese Conner said:

    I will do a sweet treats for sure. Our teachers love sweets so attendance will be good! Thanks for the great ideas. I look forward to meeting you someday! Let me know when you come to So. FL. I’ll treat for lunch as a thanks for all the great things you have taught me since joining the

  6. Judy said:

    I always love your ideas, Jannita. I like your Google chat idea. We have a few staff members who have moved to other states, and it would be fun to reconnect them with the staff on a Google hangout-at a staff meeting would be a riot! That would make a huge connection with our staff.

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