What is the DEN?

In the past 3 months of this job I’m asked almost daily about the DEN. From teachers wanting to know how to participate and why, to districts wanting to know how the DEN adds value to their Discovery Education services. I find myself struggling at times in trying to give the elevator pitch because the elevator pitch so often fails in describing such a powerful community and the various opportunities for individuals to benefit.

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Fittingly, I’ve been tasked with the job of creating a wiki that can be used to show people what the DEN is. And in true community fashion, you’re going to help me, at least I hope you will. (some call me lazy, I call it being resourceful;)

The wiki will consist of some of our professionally produced videos, research studies and other documentation. What I’d love for you to do is contribute any other resources be it glogsters, blog posts, videos or even just a great comment about what the DEN means to you. Leave your link in the comments or if you prefer email me directly dean_shareski@discovery.com

This site will be available to you as well to help others better understand the power and significance of this community. Hopefully it will be up and available in the next couple of weeks. So, share a little and pass it on; retweet, repost, re-whatever. Let’s create an awesome space!



  1. Amy said:

    DEN is a wonderful community of learners, who happen to be educators, that share ideas, suggestions, lessons, and resources about the use of media in the classroom and with their students. It is a great group of people who have a common goal and are always willing to share or help with suggestions and ideas.

  2. Robin Talkowski said:

    Nothing snazzy here … only a personal story. My story is one of a middle-aged teacher (who some would call old) trying to engage my reluctant and struggling readers to improve their reading skills. I used whatever technology my school had but I did not have a strong peer group at the time who could help me learn and show me new things. Enter the DEN. I found myself at a DEN Summer Institute completely alone and overwhelmed about what I did not know and what everyone else DID know. Never fear, however, due to the presentations and a group of friendly and helpful people, I began to learn … and I continue to learn. The DEN, archived webinars, virtual conferences, summer institutes, professional learning communities on Edmodo and Twitter, and the people I have met through Discovery have never let me down when I am confused, need a resource, or just want new ideas. I am richer (in the best non-monetary sense) and my students are more engaged due to the journey that began the day I signed up to be a STAR in the DEN. The intelligence, creativity, and commitment to education shines very brightly in the DEN.

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