Are schools becoming more engaging as a result of the advancing technologies?

Over 4 years ago this short video first appeared.  I saw it during that first year and I am showing it now, some four years later with a few questions.

Has much changed for school aged learners?  Are there more opportunities for ‘engagement’ with each other by way of technology?

Is it common throughout the curriculum that students are collaborating and connecting as a result of technology?

Are decisions being made for school districts to invest in more technology that has the potential to engage more learners in mastering the curriculum?

Are the school staffs supported enough as they increase their knowledge, skills and dispositions related to engaging students with learning through ‘opening doors’ to technology?

Is there more change needed?

What is your role in helping the future continue to unfold for today’s and tomorrow’s learners?

What role might an interested citizen play in supporting students in their learning through and with technology?


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