Excited About the Upcoming Social Learning Summit on April 21, 2012

Of all my personal learning network resources, I am most passionate about the Discovery Education Network (DEN) and Classroom 2.0. Now these two wonderful professional development platforms have partnered and are sponsoring the Social Learning Summit on Saturday, April 21. The conference theme is the use of social media and web 2.0 in teaching and learning. Most every Saturday I tune into the Classroom 2.0 web portal to hear from wonderful teachers from all over the globe about how they are using technology to increase student engagement and facilitate student and their own learning. I have also attended many wonderful Discovery Education Webinars, Stream-a-Thons, summer schools, and face-to-face conferences. On Saturday, April 21, the best of both worlds will combine to provide real-time, authentic professional learning. Steve Hargadon, who is orchestrating the event, said, “One of the goals of the conference is inclusion, meaning we really want to encourage the broadest participation we can, not just for attending but also for presenting (don’t be shy–first-time presenters welcome!).”
Already, there are 69 accepted presentations on a wide variety of topics, so there will be something for everyone. I checked out the descriptions of the following:

  • Cool Educational Uses for QR Codes, presented by Rita Mortenson
  • Creating ePortfolios using Weebly, presented by Valerie Burton – Since I’m not familiar with Weebly, this will be one I’m sure to attend.
  • Becoming Social(er):Why Does Community Matter?- presented by Discovery’s own Lance Rougeux
  • UDL in the Classroom-Reaching All Students with Technology, presented by Lisa Parisi
  • Building Real-World Skills – Increasing Collaboration within the Classroom and Beyond, presented by Kim Jurezak
  • Social Learning in 21st Century Begins with Basic Understanding of Digital Citizenship, presented by Sean Thompson – another must view for me!
  • Modeling Lifelong Learning Through Technology, presented by Torrey Trust
And that’s just a sampling of what will be available. I also am assuming that all presentations (30 minutes each) will be recorded and available as archives.
I encourage everyone to save a little time from your day on Saturday, April 21, to log into one or more of the presentations and add your support.
See you there!

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