NC Reading Association’s Digital Photo Gallery

What Literacy Looks Like Today . . . The North Carolina Reading Association’s Digital Photo Gallery


The face of literacy is changing, and it’s time to pause and take a snapshot of what that face looks like so far in the 21st century.

The North Carolina Reading Association is creating an online photo gallery of people engaged in literate activities, and you and your students can help.

Consider this a great opportunity to think about the kind of literate activities we engage in at school and in the world beyond. And, also to consider that lifelong learners are continually developing their literacies so people of all ages should be included. Literacy looks like . . . a grandmother on Facebook.

This project also provides a “teachable moment” about copyright and Creative Commons licensing.

For all the details, check out   Exceptional photos may appear on the new NCRA website now under development.


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  1. Lisa M said:

    I think this is a wonderful idea! I have a picture in mind that would be perfect, but I have to get parent permission first. 🙂

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