Western PA Day of Discovery!

On March 31, 2012, Discovery Education hosted a Day of Discovery at the Seneca Valley Middle School to a host of enthusiastic teachers and administrators. Going into the event, you could feel the electricity and Matt Monjan wasted no time in delivering an engaging key note that was enthusiastically received by all that attended. I tried to take a video of the event on my phone, but I don’t think it properly highlighted the enthusiasm that these teachers displayed. Also, I periodically forget when I’m recording a video so there were periods of darkness when I set my phone down on the table. Guess taking notes from that Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking course I took at Greendale Community College would’ve been beneficial on my part.

I manned the Star Bar and answered any inquiries ranging from passcode information to bulk importing student accounts. I also provided level one support in the rooms that needed it. The face time with administrators and teachers provided valuable information on what they wanted from Discovery Education and what they love about it. Many teachers were amazed at how much the service can do and lamented the fact that many in the district are under-utilizing it because they just did not know the full potential.

The event garnered rave reviews and we want to thank all that came out to attend the Day of Discovery in Western Pennsylvania!


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